The sleeve filter system is a compressed air dust

The sleeve filter system is a compressed air dust
It is used in many industrial sectors: footwear, texti-
les, mechanical engineering, chemicals, paints,
tyres and generally in industries where you need
air suction and purification, with average grain size

Operating procedure
The filter is designed to work in depression.
The filter consists of an upper inlet, a central filtering section and a
bottom collection part; the scrubbing system is located inside the
upper body. The dusty air is sucked through the channels and sent
to the bottom (hopper) of the filter or when specifically required into
a settling pre-chamber; due to the abrupt reduction in speed, the
heavier particles settle while the others are deposited along the car-
tridges. The filtered air is then expelled into the atmosphere with the
pollutants removed.
The cleaning of the sleeves is achieved via a jet of compressed air,
controlled by an electronic control unit (cyclic programmer) that au-
tomatically activates the solenoid controlled valves, thus ensuring
the efficiency of the sleeves at the maximum levels.

Total Immersion Cleaning Apparatus
– Certified compressed air-storage tank
– Diaphragm valves complete with solenoid
– Perforated pipes with compressed air launch noz-zles
– Electronic control unit with the possibility of regu-lating the blow force and pause time
– Differential-pressure meter with digital display ofmeasured value.
– The cleaning is done only when needed, or when
the differential meter detects a determined diffe-rential pressure, which instructs the control unit
to start cleaning. This system allows compressed air to be saved, reduces the wear and tear on the
filter elements and contributes towards savings on running costs.

Filter elements
Polyester filter sleeves (standard version).