Who We Are

Class-A is an Egyptian company with European experience in the field of Photo-voltaic & HVAC systems. Established in 2010, Cairo, Egypt.

Class-A is specialized in electromechanical systems, covering the entire range of services that relate to the scientific, commercial and technical support of both small and large projects. With the aspirations & vision of a modern работа мск company, added to the quality experience of Class-A founders.

Class-A is engineering firm specialized formed from three companies have a long term experience started from 1998 in electromechanical systems and renewable energy technologies.

Class-A provides study, design, procurement, installation, after sale services, regular maintenance and hot service maintenance for Electro-Mechanical equipment systems.

Class-A has developed the finest teams of specialized engineers and technicians, depending on Class-A principles for team improvement to achieve updated technologies by training Class-A team abroad in our partners to keep our team qualification to meet the client needs.

Why Choose Us

Our Brands

  • Class A is an agent for many Italian & German prestigious brands. Such Climaveneta one of Mitsubishi Electric Group that is a world leader in providing the HVAC solutions on which multinationals depend.

Our Technologies

  • Our unique capabilities include Integrated Technology units, Chillers, AHU, FCU, Cooling Tower, Textile Ducts, heating, air conditioning, data center cooling solutions, underfloor heating and renewable energy systems.

Our Services

  • They all enable our customers to get supply, Study, Design, Installation, After sale Service. we provide technical expertise and professional services.

Company Statistics


Professionals in Our Team


Years of Successful Work


Satisfied Clients


Projects Done


For the last decade, the behavior of clients has been changing towards the need of a higher standards quality services with economic prices, this fact developed a more long-standing relationship between the company & its clients based on trust on the provision of quality services.

Class-A have realized this fact, so the planned there strategies to fulfill their client needs, actually they executed their planes with ambition & high performance.

Execution of our vision through three axes:

  • High quality products with the least maintenance needs.
  • Economic prices to compete through a difficult market.
  • Creative solutions for our clients to satisfy the new LEED regulations.


Class-A applies world-class technology to all products, processes and services that meet high international standard. Class-A provides new technologies updated to provide a suitable system solution that is suitable for your project.

Class-A tends to exceed customer expectations through continuous improvement in quality, service, productivity and time compression.

Class-A seeks growth by expanding its™ existing businesses.

Class-A successful penetration in the difficult market was competitive without any cost to the level of quality of its services that led to the adoption of flexible model work relationship with its associates that combine the necessary specialized personnel, with low fixed costs and consistent high performances, with minimum completion times.

Class-A develop themselves and staff to provide a good service through new technologies via research and development department which have slogan “New generation of Creation”.

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