Say goodbye to outdoor units! Thanks to the elimination of the outdoor unit the Unico range made by Olimpia Splendid has revolutionised both the theory and practice of air conditioning. For over ten years the Unico range has been an innovative and unique solution in the world of climate control.

Bulky outdoor condensing units can be obtrusive, noisy, and unsightly. these attributes can have negative implications where the condensing unit is visible, compromising either regulations or external building qualities. the absence of an outdoor unit is only one of the extraordinary qualities that the Unico range can boast, a feature that bene ts buildings and towns, by respecting their aesthetic qualities. as for the installation of the unico units, everything can be done from inside the building, including holes and grille tting. No need for complicated work on external walls or on high oors, thus saving time and money. In terms of its functions, the unico range is a true technological gem, capable of programming and optimising the climate, room by room, as well as dehumidifying and purifying the air.

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Always unique
For over ten years, the Unico range has spread over the ve continents around the world, and has been installed in a wide variety of settings, making it the choice of those who demand the latest technology in climate control.

The unico range was designed to meet the widest range of demands, it comes in three models, with ten variations, ve of which are tted with a heat pump, so you can enjoy cooling in summer but also warmth between seasons.

Two capacities four models
The Unico Inverter DC is the rst air conditioner without an outdoor unit and with inverter technology. there are two models of the unico inverter dC that come with heat pumps, providing optimal cooling and heating within a single unit.

Less is more
Outdoor and indoor units are nally brought together, eliminating complex and timely installations. the grilles covering the outside holes are practically invisible, thus minimising the environmental impact and ensuring that aesthetics of the outer building are not compromised.

More versatile
The Unico range is the rst of its kind to erase the need for an outdoor condensing unit. supplied and installed as a single unit, where traditionally this would have been two separate units. this gives more credence to planning permission being granted to install a unico unit, where external units would not be permitted.

Low installation costs
The unico range is easy to install, all that is required are two holes that can be created from within the building. the outside grilles can also be set directly within the room, ensuring that the entire unit can be installed with no complex tting procedures. This simplicity translates into timely installations and reduced costs.