Indoor unit for the production of chilled water featuring semihermetic screw compressors optimized to operate with low compression ratio and R513A, shell and tubes evaporator designed by Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems S.p.A. and shell and tube condenser and electronic expansion valve. Base and supporting structure is made of polyester painted galvanized steel. Eurovent certification. The unit results extremely compact, thanks to the peculiar construction layout, without base frame and panels, and extremely flexible to easily adapts itself to different thermal load conditions thanks to the precise thermoregulation The high performance’s level is achieved thanks to the accurate sizing of all internal components.


  •  – Basic function
  • D – Partial condensing heat recovery function
  • R – Total condensing heat recovery function



    New generation refrigerant R513A, with reduced greenhouse effect in comparison with traditional HFC refrigerants (Global Warming Potential GWP of R513A = 572, GWP of R134a = 1300 as per IPCC rev. 5th) and zero impact on the ozone layer. Not flammable (ASHRAE 34, ISO 817: class A1).
    Thanks to the high level of efficiency at part load, the unit can meet and exceed the minimum energy efficiency threshold rated by the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio SEER, in accordance with the eco-sustainable design requirements for all products using energy. For this reason, the unit represents the best choice for all the hydronic installations on the residential and commercial air conditioning systems.
    Maximum compactness to achieve a very high flexibility in the design process and installation operations, offering a premium solution in case of reduced clearances or when retrofitting existing installations.
    The electronic expansion valve brings several benefits especially in case of variable thermal load conditions and source temperature. It improves the efficiency of the unit and reduces power consumption, and allows a faster ramp-up time and wider operating limits.
    Adaptability at the building’s cooling request thanks to the continuous capacity regulation, assured by sophisticated control’s logic.


  • VPF (Variable Primary Flow) system
  • Several devices for condensation´s control
  • Set-up for remote connectivity with ModBus, Echelon, Bacnet, Bacnet over-IP.
  • Touch Screen visual display
  • KIPlink user interface
  • Kit HWT, High Water Temperature