Outdoor unit for the production of chilled water with fixed speed and variable speed (Inverter Driven) Scroll compressors, optimized for R410A in a single-circuit configuration, axial-flow fans, micro-channel full-aluminum air coils and electronic expansion valve as standard equipment. Flexible and reliable unit; it easily adapts itself to different thermal load conditions thanks to the precise temperature control together with the use of inverter technology. The high performance’s level, both full and partial load, is achieved thanks to the accurate unit’s design and to the use of fixed speed motor together with variable speed (inverter) motor.


  •  – Basic
  • SL – Super-low noise version


  •  – Basic function
  • D – Partial condensing heat recovery function


    Unit with high efficiency and reduced energy consumption, thanks to the inverter technology, contributing to lower operating costs and therefore achieving a quick return on investment.
    Thanks to the inverter technology, the high level of efficiency at part load meets and exceeds the minimum seasonal efficiency required by the Ecodesign Directive starting from 2021.
    Energy saving due to variable pump speed management based on load demand and the variable flow assures the functioning of the units also with critical working conditions.
    The built-in hydronic module already contains the main water circuit components; it is available as option with single or twin in-line pump, for achieving low or high head, fixed or variable speed and buffer tank.
    This new range of chiller uses aluminum micro-channel condensers that ensure a premium level of efficiency. This solution also allows to reduce the refrigerant charge with respect to traditional copper/aluminium coils and to reduce the weight of the unit.
    Full load operation is ensured with outdoor air temperature up to 48°C during summer. Dedicated accessories allow the unit operation down to -20°C of outdoor air temperature during winter. Production of evaporator leaving water temperature from -10°C to 20°C.


  • Remote control keyboard (distance to 200m and to 500m)
  • Set-up for remote connectivity with ModBus/Echelon protocol cards
  • Compressor power factor correction
  • Soft start
  • Hydronic kit available in different configurations with 1 or 2 pumps fixed speed or variable speed and buffer tank
  • VPF (Variable Primary Flow) system
  • EC fans with electronic DC brushless motor
  • LOW NOISE KIT (only on no silenced versions)
  • User Limit Control (U.L.C.) allows the safe startup of the unit in critical conditions of water and air temperature.
  • Night mode is a system setting to limit maximum noise level of the unit.
  • Microchannel coils with e-coating protection
  • Traditional coils with copper tubes and alluminium fins, also available with prepainted fins or Fin Guard Silver protective treatment.