Multi-purpose indoor unit for use in 4-pipe systems for the simultaneous production of chilled and hot water by means of two independent water circuits. These units are able to satisfy the demand for hot and cold water simultaneously through a system that does not require seasonal switching. Each circuit works with a semi-hermetic screw compressor using R513A, and three tube nest heat exchangers, a cold exchanger on the user side shared by both circuits that acts as an evaporator in the production of cold water, a heat exchanger on the user side that words as a condenser in the production of hot water, and a source side exchanger that works as either condenser or evaporator as required by the loads.


  •  – Basic



    Unit designed to satisfy the cold and the hot side requirements simultaneously, for 4-pipe systems without any particular operation mode setting
    Energy saving guaranteed by the advanced operation’s logic. The best operation mode is set completely automatically and independently by the unit’s controller, in order to minimize the absorbed energy whatever the cooling and/or heating demand might be
    Supply of hot water in use up to 60°C, offering maximum versatility with respect to different plant engineering solutions
    A 2 way valve is supplied as standard for the condensing pressure control. For all the applications in which a constant waterflow through the condenser is needed, a 3-way valve option is also available under request.


  • Integral acoustical enclosure (type base or plus)
  • Several devices for condensation´s control
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • Set-up for remote connectivity with ModBus/Echelon protocol cards