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The product range of Roccheggiani extractor fans is divided into two distinct types of extractors: CM and CT.
Roccheggiani’s Fan Systems are designed and manufactured in full compliance with European regulations and CE logo directives, according to the highest standards so as to guarantee top performance even under the most demanding operating conditions..
All components are engineered and built to meet the Company’s exacting technical specifications.
Roccheggiani manufacturing and design has had ISO EN 9001 certification for many years.
The model range has been organised to provide the customer with maximum choice to suit all needs.

The CM series consists of four standard sizes: CM1, CM2, CM3 and CM4 all with statically and dynamically balanced double inlet fans
with forward blades.
The fans, directly connected to EC electronic motors with continuous modulation of revolutions, cover a range of flows varying from 600
to 4,500 m3/h with an external static pressure capability of 600Pa.
All units have sound-proofing allowing them to be placed directly in the working environment.
The frame is manufactured from UNI 9006/1 – 6060
ASTM Anticorodal Aluminium profiles with safety surface profiling. The sandwich type panels are constructed
with galvanised, pre-painted sheet steel on the outside
and expanded high density polyurethane foam insulation – Class of reaction to fire 1 – (UNI 9177).

The CT Series of Ventilation Fan Systems
are designed to provide clean air ventilation in commercial and industrial environments.
The range consists of 9 sizes to provide a
wide range of operating air volumes and
external static pressures.
• All units are manufactured with double
inlet forward curved centrifugal fans
and are made with galvanised sheet
• The impellers are galvanised steel and
are fixed singularly to the central disc
and outside ring. All impellers are statically and dynamically balanced.
• Fan shafts are made from C45 Carbon
Steel and are finished with an anticorrosive paint.
• All fan bearings are of the ball-bearing
type, hermetically sealed and
self-aligning and are clamped to the fan
shaft with an eccentric ring clamp.
• The fans are chosen to ensure optimum
performance and silent operation
• The motor, complete with slide, and the
fan components are mounted on a galvanised steel baseframe, isolated from
the section structure using spring or
rubber suspension-type mountings
• The mouth of the fan is connected to
the supply through an anti-vibration
joint which prevents the transfer of any
vibrations to the structure.
• All motors are selected to comply with
IEC-VDE-DIN standard with CE marking
for conformity to the “low-voltage” directive No. 73/23/EEC and 93/68/EEC
and they have IP 55 degree of standard
• Power transmission is through trapezoidal belts and pulleys fitted with conical
collet clamping in ASTM A105 steel. As
an option it is possible to provide variable pulleys or pulleys manufactured
from aluminium.

The frame is manufactured from UNI 9006/1 – 6060 T6 Anticorodal Aluminium profiles with safety surface profiling with
corner pieces from fibreglass reinforced nylon. The panels are
made from single sheet pre-painted galvanised steel.
Sandwich panels are available as an option manufactured from
galvanised steel, aluminium, pre-plasticised galvanised steel or
stainless steel with high density (40 Kg/m3) polyurethane foam
Panels are fixed to the aluminium frame with self-tapping
The CT Series of Ventilation Fan Systems is suitable for external
mounting as well as in closed rooms and where necessary they
can be fitted with a protective roof.