Textile ducts are divided in three main series:
he-avy “Performance”, light “Elegance” and high fire

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Textile ducts are divided in three main series:
he-avy “Performance”, light “Elegance” and high fire

Performance Range:
Made by polyester fabric smeared with PVC on
both sides. Eight different colours are at your di-
sposal, with a weight range from 400 to 700 gr/m2,
(average used weight of 550 gr/m2) particularly
strong and exempt from maintenance, ideal to be
used in industrial application, included food indust-
ry, mechanically guaranteed for 10 years. Fireproof
available class 1 and 2.

Physical and chemical characteristics related to
550 gr/m2 fabric
Working temperature
• Continuous operation: from – 20 to + 70°C
• Intermittent operation: from -30 to + 80°C
Fire reaction:
• in compliance with Italian Standards:
Class 1 and 2
• in compliance with French Standards:
Class M 1, F 1, M 2
• in compliance with German Standards B 1
Mechanical resistance:
• traction – (DIN 53354) warp/woof: 280/260 N/5cm
• tear – (DIN 53639) warp/woof: 300/250 N/5cm
Chemical agent resistance:
Fabric is protected against:
• dust, UV ray, saltines, cryptogams, acids.

Usage is not suitable in the presence of:
• amile acetate, butile acetate, ethyl acetate, ace-
tone, hydrochloric acid conc., hydrofluoric acid,
formic acid conc., nitric acid (conc. 95%), acetic
anhydride, aniline, benzene, cyclohexanone, chlo-
robenzene, methylene chloride, dibutyl phthalate,
dichloroethane, dichloroethylene, dimethyl forma-
mide, diethyl ether, ethylene glycol, methyl ethyl
ketone, nitrobenzene, oleum 5, para-dichloroben-
zene, pyridine, tetrachloroethylene.

Elegance Range:
Smeared polyester fabric, mat colored only on one
side, 120 gr/m2, light and aesthetical, more delica-
te than heavy fabrics, suitable in tertiary plants, like
shops, offices, gyms (even small surface), where
are installed low prevalence fan (up to 80 pa.), 6
colours available.
Fireproof available Class 1

Fireproof Class 0 Range:
Glass fabric duct, silicone smeared, 250 gr/m2
weight, certified for high fire proof (Class 0), 4
colours available, suitable for direct installation
on warm air generator and in any environment
where the Standards asks for such characteri-
stic. Mechanical resistance is lower than polye-
ster PVC smeared fabric due to its characteri-
stics; it is 5 year guaranteed.

The textile ducts can be of section:
circular (top one-rail or two-rails on both sides
semicircular with two-rails on both sides.